The Conway Chain of Lake

The Conway Chain of Lakes is located between Downtown Orlando and the International Airport, making it the most convenient Chain of Lakes for Orlando professionals.  The chain has nearly 1800 acres of very clear water and a hard sandy bottom.  It is made up of four interconnected lakes with canal access between them, along with some side canals supplying neighborhoods with lake access.

Having lived on Lake Conway for 12 years, both Brad and I have exceptional knowledge of it from both a real estate view and an enjoyment view.  It is so convenient to be minutes from the Downtown business hub, the international airport, a major level four trauma center hospital and of course just 12 miles or so to Disney World and the other World Class attractions here in Orlando.

The towns of Edgewood and Belle Isle encompass the majority of lakefront shoreline making up the Conway Chain. The Conway Chain’s canals and lakes are managed by the Conway Navigational Board. This is a volunteer board working with Orange County that helps in the disbursements of resources for managing the water quality of the Lake Conway Chain. They do an amazing job in keeping this Orlando treasure something our kids and grandkids can continue to enjoy for decades to come.

Conway has a unique neighborhood feel since there is such a wide variety of homes and neighborhoods surrounding the Chain.  You have everything from multimillion dollar lakefront homes, to the original 1950’s house with a one car carport.  The harmony is awesome and it is Old Orlando at its best and is a truly wonderful place to live.

There is always confusion on what the four interconnecting lakes are called. Here is my version. Lake Gatlin is connected by canal and has its own name so that is easy.  Little Lake Conway is the two northern ponds separated east and west by a narrow pass.  Then south though a canal to Big Lake Conway which is 1.5 miles across, and then you go south under the Belle Isle Bridge to South Lake Conway.

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