Marketing and Closing Services We Provide For You

  1. Place the Home in the Multiple Listing Service  (10,000 agents)
  2. Upload 24 Digital Photos of home in the MLS  (Shoot 120)
  3. Create Custom Virtual Tour of the house and upload
  4. Connect listing to Realtor.Com to spread on the web
  5. Upload and feed the 1000’s of real estate web sites
  6. Tulia, Zillow,, MSN, YAHOO, Re/Max, Keller Williams, etc.
  7. Add exposure though a professional sign and Electronic Multi Lock
  8. Put up “House for sale” directional
  9. Install sign with custom message for 1-800 rider for 24/7 access to info
  10. Follow up on each 1-800 sign call to capture buyers, 50 plus at all times
  11. Knock on doors in neighborhood to let them know it is for sale
  12. Place 200 phone calls to area, including answer machine messages
  13. Have full color post cards printed and either hand out or mail
  14. Submit full color ad to the CONWAY NEWS, local connection
  15. Follow up on all agents showing the home, give you the feedback
  16. Update you on all market changes, make appropriate changes
  17. Cross sell our other listings in the area, including pendings
  18. Update the web sites to keep current in the market

Once Your Home Receives An Offer:

  1. Review all contracts and negotiate you the best price
  2. Make sure buyer is qualified and has funds to close
  3. Represent you on all aspects of contract, inspections, and closing
  4. Our team closing manager Melissa, will oversee the entire closing process
  5. Get inspections, termite, survey and appraisals completed
  6. Check in on bank funding, meet all time commitments
  7. Once loan is out of underwriting, get it over to the closing department
  8. Get closing package to attorney’s office to create a HUD statement
  9. Go over the HUD with you and explain the charges involved.
  10. Present the Check to you at closing