College Park

College Park is a distinct neighborhood within the City of Orlando, deriving its name from the many streets Within its bounds that were named for institutions of higher learning such as Princeton, Harvard and Yale. Its close proximity to downtown has made it a popular residential area for over 100 years for young professionals and seniors alike. The College Park real estate market offers a wide range of homes and condos close to Downtown Orlando. They come in an assortment of sizes and styles since they were developed over the last century. College Park features a beautiful downtown area of shops and boutiques as well as a nice variety of fine and casual dining establishments.

Citrus grower John Ericsson built the first known home in College Park in the middle of what was then an 80-acre citrus grove. Other settlers soon followed, especially after the arrival ofthe South Florida Railroad in 1880.

The Great Freeze during the Winter of 1894-5 halted growth in the neighborhood for over a decade. New residents began to arrive again in large numbers during the real estate boom of the 1920s, when the City of Orlando expanded its northern boundary north to Par Street to include College Park. It was during this decade that many of the neighborhood’s best known subdivisions were platted, including: Rosemere in 1921, Dubsdread in 1923, Edgewater Heights in 1920 and Anderson Park in 1924.

The Boom turned to bust during the Great Depression of the 1930’s, but savvy businessman Weiborn Phillips began buying up many of the remaining vacant lots in College Park. He was well-positioned for the post-World War || boom.

In 2002, Edgewater Drive, the main artery of the neighborhoods business district, was re-striped from a  byway to a more pedestrian-friendly 3-Ianes (one in each direction with a central turn lane). Bicycle lanes were also added. This is how the cute little downtown area so many residents walk to became the center piece of College Park.

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